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Research Papers

Post Occupancy Evaluation

"Do Green Buildings Outperform Conventional Buildings?  Indoor Environment and Energy Performance in North American Offices"

Guy Newsham, Benjamin Birt, Chantal Arsenalt, Lexi Thompson, Jennifer Veitch, Sandra Mancini, Anca Galasiu, Brad Gover, Iain Macdonald, Greg Burns
National Research Council Canada - Number B3247.17, May 30 2012 

"Post Occupancy Evaluation of Energy and Indoor Environment Quality in Green Buildings: A Review"

B. Birt, G.R. Newsham
National Research Council Canada - NRCC-51211, June 2009


Demand Responsive Buildings

"Energy Saving Lighting Control Systems for Open-Plan Offices: A Field Study"

Leukos - Vol 4, No 1 - July 2007
Anca D. Galasiu, Guy R. Newsham, Cristian Suvagau and Daniel M. Sander

"Research Matters" Demand Responsive Buildings : Establishing a Role for Dimmable Lighting

LD+A - April 2009
Guy R. Newsham, Ph.D., National Research Council Canada.


Light & Health

"Extending the Circadian Phototransduction Model: Quantifying the Effect of Light Exposure Duration and Age on Nocturnal Melatonin Suppression in Humans"

McClung Foundation Project 16-02 – July 2018
Principal Investigator: Mariana G. Figueiro, Ph.D.

"Relationship Between Light and the Development and Growth of Internal Solid Cancers"

EPRI #1011162 - September 2004

David E. Blask, Ph.D., M.D. and George C. Brainard, Ph. D.  


Research in Progress:

"Effects of LED Flicker on Humans" - Jennifer Veitch, Ph.D

"Optimizing Light Source Spectra for Brightness in Outdoor Lighting Applications" - Lighting Research Center, RPI

Low Vision Design Guide - National Institute of Building Sciences