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McClung Lighting Research Foundation

Research Papers

The following list is a sampling of research projects supported by the McClung Foundation 

Recent Research Papers and Publications

“Lighting Answers – UV Disinfection Products”
McClung Foundation : Project 20-03 – December 2020  
Authors: A. Bierman, J. Brons, M. Rea

“Measuring Light Exposure and its Effects on Sleep and Behavior in Care Center Residents”  
McClung Foundation Project 17-06 – November 2019
Principal Investigator: R. Baier

“LED Lighting Flicker and Potential Health Concerns”
McClung Foundation Project 15-01 – March 2019
Principal investigators: A. Wilkins, J. Veitch, Ph.D

"Extending the Circadian Phototransduction Model: Quantifying the Effect of Light Exposure Duration and Age on Nocturnal Melatonin Suppression in Humans"
McClung Foundation Project 16-02 – July 2018 Principal Investigator: Mariana G. Figueiro, Ph.D.

Research in Progress

Assessing Impact of LED Exit Sign Luminance Degradation  - J. Bullough

Investigating Retinal Sensitivity to Circadian Stimulus as Measured by Acute Melatonin Suppression in Humans – M. Figueiro

Lighting as an Intervention to Improve Sleep Outcomes – R. Vincent